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Liminal EP

Liminal EP

Liminal EP

Forthcoming Liminal EP (September 2024)

Mayway Records 

Recorded, mixed at Wood Studio by Maxime Wathieu, mastered by Remy Lebbos at Rare Studio. 


Belgian rock quartet founded by Elena Lacroix.

Eosine is a Belgian rock quartet founded by Elena Lacroix. Inspired by the noisy yet sometimes ethereal soundings of shoegaze, Eosine’s songs can flow into some progressive structures, still driven by chiseled vocals harmonies or openhearted melodies.


The band won the first price of the Concours Circuit 2022. Their forthcoming EP "Coralline" mixed and mastered by Mark Gardener will be released during Spring 2023.

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Ciarán (single)

The band's second single "Ciarán" : an everturning waltz of two bodies closing in. 

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The band

Belgian quartet from Liège [BE].

Elena Lacroix [vocals, guitar, programming]
Dima Fontaine [guitar, vocals]
Benjamin Franssen [drums]
Brieuc Verstraete [bass, vocals]


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